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Measure, Benchmark and Optimize your social media.
Improve your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Analytics strategy.


Supercharge social insights!

Spend less time worrying about datas and more focusing on your strategy.


See the conversations that matter most, in real-time, across millions of online sources


See Actionable Insights on your social profiles and maximize your social media efforts


Analyze and benchmark your social accounts simultaneously with BuzzLogger Analytics

Monitor unlimited accounts with your favorite KPI

BuzzLogger is a web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance. By using BuzzLogger, you can benchmark your own numbers against your competitors' and derive an optimal social media strategy.

Satisfy All Your Reporting Needs

Social Media Analysis Made Simply

Focus on what matters most

More important than the numbers in your reports, are the variables that drive the numbers forward. We'll help you identify the things that are truly moving your business forward and give you the tools you need to execute your social strategy.

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BuzzLogger INSIGHTS breathes new life into your social media strategy

BuzzLogger INSIGHTS's dashboard view lets you see the growth of your audience across all your web and social profiles, so you can easily select which groups you’d like to individually target.

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Powerful social comparison tools

BuzzLogger INSIGHTS's dashboard arms you with the ability to research conversations, competitors, and audience, across all social networks.

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Utilizzando metodologie di monitoraggio e di analisi sul web e sui social media, BuzzLogger propone un sistema complesso di servizi a supporto dei processi decisionali di ogni campo aziendale, dalla ricerca e sviluppo al marketing e comunicazione. Read the article.

Enrico GiubertoniSocial Media Strategist @ Buzzes.eu. Aiuta le imprese all’organizzazione dei loro canali social per incrementare l’efficacia delle strategie di marketing attraverso i digital & social media e organizzare i Marketing Team nel gestire la comunicazione sui canali social. Ha fondato il primo LinkedIn Pulse Blog in Italia specializzato nel Social Media Marketing per il settore Cosmesi

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